Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Twisty Candlemaking

My family is strange. Sorry, family, but you are. You see, it's perfectly normal for them to decide on a whim  to make rather complicated stuff that most people just buy. Like... a sauna, play doh, a porch, or felted wool balls. I have vague childhood memories of making soap on the back porch and trying to keep the cats from committing suicide in the lye bucket. 

Yes, yes, this could explain a lot. Let's not even go there.

Instead, round up some clothespins, because today my mom and sister are going to show you how to make a twisted havdalah candle. 

Havdalah is a ceremony that we do after darkness falls on Saturday, to separate the Sabbath from the rest of the week. It often involves twisty candles. Read more about it here.

What you'll need is three skinny, long candles (best to take 2 long ones to wrap around a shorter central candle), about eight limbs, a hair dryer, a clothespin, and a high tolerance for swearing.

We're going to start by pinning the three candles at the top together with a clothespin, and then heating till they are soft enough to bend. 

Then start bending one of the candles in a spiral around your central candle, heating as you go down. Don't force the candles if they are not soft enough to bend without breaking. 

Then start bending the second one down in the opposite direction from the first. Don't be intimidated by the knives and alcohol in the background. These are not necessary for the candle making process (although perhaps might make it a bit more interesting).

If you have excess candle, wrap it around the bottom to form a base.

This way your candle can stand all on its own.

Voila. Havdalah candle. Take that, Martha Stewart!


  1. Very cool. I'm guessing by the swearing I shouldn't try this w/ 5 yr olds?

  2. Dear Daughter,
    I don't remember any swearing...


  3. Dear Mom,

    Of course there wasn't! ;) nudge nudge wink wink


    Your Daughter