Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sailor Cake

See this guy? He's going on top of a birthday cake for my boy who loves ships, and sailors, and the like. So, like the good mommy that I am, I baked a moist, 3- layer chocolate cake, filled with chocolate buttercream.

And frosted with sky-blue buttercream. Do you see the size of this cake? This is my biggest cake plate. Believe me, that is one huuuuge cake. There are three and a half cake eaters in my family. And much as we love our chocolate, we do not eat this much cake. This is proof that I need to either

1) buy smaller cake pans, or
2) make more friends

But it's all worth it to surprise my birthday sailor boy. Happy 31st birthday, baby!

Until next week, that is. Then my real baby's turning one! Happy cake baking, y'all.

Eating cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,

-Country Mouse


  1. That is some super awesome cake!!! Happy birthday Matt!

  2. Gorgeous! Remind your son to look at this post in a few years so he can really appreciate the cake!