Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cookie Giveaway

Why, what's that I spy?

What, cookies just waiting to be decorated!?!

That's right, it's time for a cookie giveaway!

Do you live abroad? Lucky you, these cookies travel well! I will ship express internationally.

Here's what you have to do:

1) Sign up to follow my blog (if you already do, skip to number 2)
2) Leave a comment on this post telling me that you did 

Do you want another entry? You greedy little cookie-monger, you!

3) Post a link on Facebook or Twitter to the giveaway, and say something nice about it! Then come leave me a comment telling me that you did.

All entries (in the form of comments) must be received by Thursday at 7 pm Israel time (noon east coast time). A winner will be randomly selected and results will be announced that evening. Cookies are non-dairy.

And the results are in!

According to

Congratulations comment number 3! Contact Country Mouse to claim your prize.

Stay tuned for the next giveaway, and happy cookie baking!


  1. Cooooooooookieeeeeeeeeeees!

    Nom nom nom.

  2. I follow you! Does the recipe come with the giveaway? (Are they non-dairy?)

  3. Congratulations to me, I am now a follower! Yay!!

  4. I am your number one fan, but I think you knew that already!

  5. I totally follow you! Wow, I've never thought of doing something to cookies after they come out of the oven other than eat immediately...

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  7. I love your blog, especially the pictures. I still have yet to taste one of your treats, so maybe i will win this contest! ( I signed up to follow you)

  8. I think I'm going to have to start trying these recipes soon...they look soooo good! (Oh, and I'm officially a follower of yours, which makes you my fearless dessert leader!)

  9. I posted on Facebook as well - i want those cookies man! good marketing strategy btw :)

  10. Hey, I just posted a link to this site on FB. Hope you get lots of hits! Hmmm... Do you have a visitor counter...?

  11. posted on FB and twitter (#Amteger) although I have to admit, my twitter account exists solely for the purpose of entering contests. I don't have a single follower.

  12. HEY! I did ALLLLLLL of the above. And I am so excited to be entered. Twice. :D YAY.