Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fruit Orchards

The apartment we rent sits on a lot of 30 dunams of land (7.4 acres) or 300 dunams (74 acres), depending on what time of day you ask my landlady. Either way, that's plenty of space to keep chickens, a dog, and a ton of fruit trees.

The lemons are grown for commercial purposes, but the mangos, passionfruit, carob, and sabras are just for the family. And I think they've sort of adopted us. 

We've been here now a total of 3 days, and so far they've left us a bag of mangos on the stairs and knocked on our door with a bag of gargantuan lemons. And you know what they say, if your neighbor gives you lemons...

But what's the saying about making mango smoothies for breakfast?


  1. That's awesome! Do you really have chickens? I want a couple chickens if I have a little space, and a few chickens and a couple goats if I ever had more space. Join my What's in Season Link party and tell us about everything you're growing.

  2. The chickens (and their new fluffy baby chicks) belong to our landlords, who live downstairs. As do their fruit trees. Lucky for us, we get to enjoy them- I'm just waiting to ask for some fresh eggs!!